Monday, March 28, 2011

The Bridge

Author: Jeri Massi
Genre: I'm not actually sure? Maybe fantasy
Series: Bracken Trilogy
Number in series: 1st, I think
My rating on a 1-10 scale: 7
Type: Fiction
Number of pages: 116
Time period: Fantasy
Main characters: The Princess, the Woman, Herron, others
Exciting events: Escaping the bad guys...
My overall opinion: It was okay. I won't re-read it. But there was nothing bad in it.


Josh Martin said...

To answer your previous question. I have seen the Voyage of the dawn treader. I went to see it 3 times in theaters. I was hoping that it would get better the more I sae it. That never happened. All 3 time were total torture! I can't stand it! C.S. Lewis is the second best writer out there (second only to tolkien). I don't care how much hollywood tries, they will never be able to improve upon his writing.
What did you think of Dawn treader?

Josh Martin

Charity U said...

Three times? You spent the money to see a movie you didn't like three times? I'm officially impressed. :P

I saw it twice in theaters and it became one of my favorite movies. There's a review of it on here somewhere...

But I agree, Hollywood could never improve on C. S. Lewis. Or maybe not any author either ... at least, no others are coming to mind that HW could improve.

But, each to their own opinion, I guess. :)

Random question: do you have (or have you read) the movie companion guide books (not sure what to call them) for LotR? From what I've heard they're really good...I wanted to get several (five to be exact) but Dad decided I couldn't, so. I'm still hoping that he may relent and let me get one of two. But what do you think of them?