Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday Blog is READY!!!!

Yes, you read that right! The Birthday Blog is up and running and I'm terribly happy with how it's turning out! Click here to check it out and give me your opinion! I love knowing what you think! :)


Miss Laurie said...

Ooooh la la! I'm following now! This is a fun blog! :)

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Elegance of Fashion said...

I'm following the Birthday Blog now. I love finding out whose birthday it is on a given day!

Charity U said...

Oh yay! They like it! Thanks, ladies!

Elegance of Fashion, I'm just like you. I'm always wondering..."who has a birthday today?!?"

Miss Laurie, glad you're enjoying it! I am too. :) Really, you wouldn't believe how much fun I'm having.

Melody said...

I can't wait until December 16th!! Birthday of Jane Austen AND Beethoven! :)

Charity U said...

Yes, there will be some really fun author birthdays coming! Jane Austen will be great, Melody. :) It's too bad, many of my favorite authors who are still alive (like the Thoenes or S. G. Whitson) I couldn't find birthdays for online. :( Oh well. But yes, there are some great things coming up! :)

Example: Sid Fleishman (not sure about that spelling). He wrote McBroom and the Wonderful One Acre farm, a hilarious kids book. That's on Wednesday, if I'm on time.