Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Movie: Iron Man 3

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9

Genre: Superhero, adventure

Series or set: Iron Man

Number in series: 3rd (to be watched after Avengers)

Primary actors: Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle

Length: 2 ½ hours

Time period: Present

Year it came out: 2013 (my first 2013 movie to see!)

My overall opinion: My first superhero movie to see in theater! And boy was it something. Besides the fact that I went with awesome friends, the movie certainly didn’t disappoint! Some of it was a little freaky (orange eyes are always freaky…except on some animals…) so I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for younger kids – these superhero movies aren’t for kids. But that being said! I intend to see this once it’s on DVD! Some people are saying that some places weren’t quite smooth…they may be right. I don’t notice that unless it’s a glaring error. Personally? I thought it had a good story, great CGI, quick-moving plot, a handsome hero and adorable girl-friend for him, breath-taking stunts, any number of scenes that are so wide-sweeping as to be best seen in theater…all in all, it was a stunner.


Kara said...

LOOVED the visuals you're using, Charity! And this one was your first superhero movie in cool! The villain in this one spooked me a lot (didnt like those glowing eyes either) and then what happened to Jon Favreau's character had my heart gasping, but a great movie overall :) Don Cheadle and the kid were my fave characters, I really believed Tony Stark was in trouble in this one and those characters enhanced the movie beautifully. So glad you mentioned Iron Man 3 is to be watched AFTER Avengers, that's important for those of us who watch in proper sequence :)
*this was also one of the few movies I watched in theaters this summer....the others were Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness*

Evelyn said...

Did you like this one in better than the 1st two? I really loved the 1st one, but thought the 2nd one wasn't to well done, Tony acted like such a jerk.. However the 2nd one and the way Tony acted is important to The Avengers movie as well as to the 3rd part of the Iron Man Trilogy. So I forgive him. =) My favorite out of all of them is probably the 3rd one though. =D it's so good! And, like you this was my first superhero movie in theaters! I heartily agree with you that it was an awesome movie to see in the theater. =D

Hamlette said...

I think I like this best of the 3 Iron Man movies too! But not as well as The Avengers, of course ;-) Still, it was an intense ride, and wow, your first superhero movie in a theater? That had to be splendid!

Chris Jerico said...

Iron Man 3 is a great movie. I have joyed the movie very much. This is one of the best movie of 2013.

Charity U said...

Evelyn, I think I did like this one best...without watching them all again, it's hard to say, but I think so. :)