Monday, September 9, 2013

Revell Blog Tour: Trapped

Author: Irene Hannon

Genre: Suspense

Series: Private Justice

Number in series: 2nd

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9.5

Type: Fiction

Number of pages: 393

Time period: Present

Publisher and price: Revell, $14.99

My overall opinion: This. This was a stunning sequel to Vanished, the first book in the series. James Devlin aka Dev quickly stole my heart and I had no problem whatsoever understanding why Laura fell for him in just a few days. And speaking of Laura, she was pretty awesome! I really liked her. Like other books by Irene Hannon, this one was packed with excitement and suspense, and although there were a few parts that I felt were rather predictable, there were still plenty of unexpected twists and turns throughout. I enjoyed this one SO much and am so glad I got to read it! You definitely should be keeping an eye for it if you aren’t yet. I’m super excited to read Deceived, coming in summer 2014!

**Thank you to Revell for my review copy. I wasn’t required to post positively, nor was I paid in any way for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**


Rosie Wilson said...

Charity, you're back!! :D Ah, I missed you! Great review. I loved Trapped as well. Dev is swoon-worthy for sure. ;)

Analiese said...

CHARITY IS BACK!! (don't leave again, M'dear.)
Oh, and the book cover is neat. :)

Rissi said...

Methinks this was Hannon's best yet. :)

Welcome back to the wonderful world of book blogging, Charity!

Hamlette said...

You're back! Huzzah! How was Alaska?

Crystal said...

So glad you're back, Charity! Great review :D I've seen this book around the blogosphere lately and have read nothing but good things about it. Can't wait to read it soon!

Charity U said...

Rosie, glad to be back and glad to hear you agree about Dev! :)

Liese, well, most hopefully I won't leave again for a while. :)

Rissi, it was good -- not necessarily my favorite of Hannon's (thinking maybe "Lethal Legacy" was) but definitely a favorite for me. :) So glad to be back here again!

Hamlette, yes! Alaska was amazingly awesomely stupendously stunningly wonderful again. I love that place and miss it now. Oh well. So it goes.

Crystal, glad to be back! You definitely need to read this one!