Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Movie Review Day

Welcome to Movie Review Day! Coming out every two hours on the evens throughout all of today, September 18, movie reviews! They've built up like crazy over the summer and the beginning of college, and this is the easiest way to publish them all. There's a wide variety of movies coming -- chick flicks and super heroes all in one day. So. Are you ready for something awesome, crazy, and unlike any movie review day or week on Austenitis before? Yay! Let's go!

Find all the posts from today through the link below. It will update as the posts come out. Enjoy, and comment -- I'd love some good discussions!

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Birdie said...

Hello Charity, nice to see you're back and posting again!

Shameless plugging here, but I started a blog (next to my LiveJournal) this summer, have a look, if you like!