Monday, September 3, 2012

Announcements (of a Good Kind)

I just had a couple of quick announcements/questions for y'all. Since I like numbering...

1. Announcement. In November, the week of the 19th, I'll be hosting a Week of Musicals! It will include focuses on some actors from musicals, guest posts, and probably some unrelated giveaways. Begin anticipating! And the only reason I'm planning this already is because that's my birthday week. :)

2. Question. My newest bright idea for this blog. Also come November. I'm considering doing a daily thing through all of November which I intend to call Novemberisms. Basically, I'd choose one book off my shelves, and photograph that book in a different setting or form or way every day that month. Each day, I would post the picture. Does that appeal to you? Are you interested in reading those posts? I would use an older classic book that I picked up the other day at a library booksale JUST BECAUSE it was so photographical. Or something like that. Vote in the poll.

3. There. Let me know what you think. :)


Kiri Liz said...

A Week of Musicals? Fun, fun, fun! I love musicals! Which ones would you plan on including?

And Novemberisms sounds like a cool idea! I know I'd like to see the pics! ;)

Analiese said...

Yes, those both sound so fun! I love musicals, and I've seen you're photos of books - they're beautiful! :D I certianly think you should do this.