Sunday, September 9, 2012

Movie: Mirror, Mirror

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 8.5

Genre: Fairy tale
Primary actors: Julia Roberts, Lily Collins
Length: An hour and 40 minutes
Based on: The classic fairy tale, Snow White
Time period: Fantasy
Year it came out: 2012
My overall opinion: It was really quite stupid, but not as stupid as Thor. I enjoyed it, I confess! It doesn't follow the fairy tale exactly, of course, but it was fun. I loved the costumes!
There were several innuendoes and more adult scenes, but nothing was explicit. It had a number of hilarious scenes, and it seems to be a very quotable movie! I enjoyed it, and while it isn't my favorite, I wouldn't mind watching it again.


Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

I was almost tempted to see this movie... Still not quite sure if I will. But the costumes look great.

The Mad Elvish Poet said...

Ah! funny, I just watched this! You thought Thor was stupid??? I loved Thor...(the movie; I do like Chris Hemsworth, but because I think he's good actor not because he's 'oh-so-sexy [exact quote, mind you] although I will admit that he has nice eyes. But I don't think that's any reason to like someone.)
I loved that movie - although I hated that awful gold color that was on all the dresses *shudder* it flattered NO ONE. I loved the bandit outfit. I saw it and went, "Mom...I needIneedIneedIneed!"

Charity U said...

Miss Elizabeth, I would recommend that you see it, if only for the costumes! A fun story too.

Mad Elvish Poet, yes, I considered Thor frightfully stupid. The whole story, fantastical, interesting, but stupid. Have you read my review? If you click the following link, you can read my Spotlight post on him, and then the review:

Love to hear what you think!

Lydia said...

how dare you say that Thor was stupid?!?!?! i am shocked! it is my favorite marvel movie (besides the avengers) and it was a lot better than Captain America.......Mirror mirror was good. i really enjoyed it but i did not like most of the costumes.....they were too disliked her wedding dress soooooo much.... that bow was HUGE!!!!!! overall it was a great movie! and i enjoyed it very much!

Jemimah C. said...

It's ironic that of the two Snow White movies that came out this year, one was "stupid" and funny while the other was dark and gothic. Not like I've seen either of them, but I can tell. Mirror, Mirror is not on my priority list, though I'd like to give it a try.

I have to say, Thor the character was more stupid than Thor the movie. I actually owe it up to Loki/Tom Hiddleston for making the film great. Long story. But hey, I'm an Avenger fan, so I tend to overlook the stupidity of the films. Have you seen The Avengers, by the way?

Charity U said...

Jemimah, that is ironic! Snow White and the Huntsman doesn't look like one I'd enjoy. :P

Nope, haven't seen Avengers. YET. It's at the top of my list though! I watched Iron Man the other coming next week. :) I must admit though...Captain America is still my favorite superhero. Review of that next week too...I'll be publishing a post with an explanation of all these movie reviews in a few minutes.

I think Mirror Mirror is a fun movie, but yeah, it's kinda stupid. In a fun way. ;)

Jemimah C. said...

I'm not excited to see Snow White and the Huntsman at all.

Oh, then you should watch The Avengers! Can't wait to read your Iron Man and Captain America reviews. Yup, the Captain is the best.

Charity U said...

I'm planning to see Avengers ASAP, but it may be a few months. :P Can't wait!

Clare said...

Captain America is awesome!!!! *cough* I guess you can see that I like him. ;) I liked Thor and The Avengers. ^_^ My friend saw Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman. She said SWTH was kind of weird and I think she likes parts of MM.

Charity U said...

Clare, I do love Captain America! And Thor too...though not quite as much. I'm still waiting to see Avengers...someday. :) SWTH does look like rather a weird movie. And yeah...well, I guess I've already stated all my opinions about MM. :)