Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Movie: The Young Victoria

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9

Genre: Life, biography (rather a biographical film, obviously), some romance, period drama

Primary actors: Rupert Friend, Emily Blunt

Length: A little under two hours

Based on: Queen Victoria’s early life -- some childhood, but mostly her early life as queen

Time period: 1800’s

Quote(s): "Master the rules of the game until you play it better than they can."

Year it came out: 2009

My overall opinion: I’ve been really wanting to watch this period drama for a while. I thought it looked super fun, very interesting, and altogether great! And now, finally, I got to see The Young Victoria. Overall? I liked it a lot. It was very interesting, the costumes were awesome, and it was good! A few more particulars...

I spotted two people I recognized from earlier movies. One was Rupert Friend himself, who played Mr. Wickham in Pride and Prejudice 2005. He was better here.

Another was Harriet Walter, Mrs. John Dashwood from the 1995 Sense and Sensibility. I knew Wickham was in here, but hadn’t expected Mrs. John Dashwood! I preferred her here...but then, she’s a detestable character in S&S, so.

Finally, I also noticed Mark Strong – he was Mr. Knightley in the 1996 version of Emma -- that's the brown haired Kate Beckinsale one. He played a fairly main character in Young Victoria, but I didn’t recognize him until I watched some of the special features and noticed his name at the same time as his face!

One thing that bugged me...was it just me or did Albert have just a bit of an Inigo Montoya accent? Several of the accents sounded similar to his. Just something I noted. :)

The costumes and jewelry were stunning. I had a few favorite outfits on Victoria, including: the gold dress with roses that she wears to the coronation ball...

...the mauve (?) dress with lace that she wears when she officially announces her pregnancy to friends and family...and the emerald dress with some blue -- she wore it twice. I love the dark green that's so shimmery!

I was also surprised to discover that the blue dress that is seen often in association with this movie didn’t come into evidence until the very last scene!

I liked the way Victoria did her jewelry. Fairly simple, often gold.


I though the effect of the single gold necklace in several scenes was amazing. If you have no other reason you want to watch this movie, the costumes may make it worth-while. :)

I noticed a couple photography things too. One that I really liked was their interesting focus on two particular scenes. The very first opening shot, where the focus “runs” down a line of guards, and also in a scene of wine glasses in the first half of the movie. Again, the focus “ran” down the line -- super cool. :) I also found it interesting how much they used mirrors for seeing people. There were quite a few shots that had a person in a mirror!

As you’ve probably heard if you’ve heard much about this movie, there are a few scenes to skip. As soon as Victoria and Albert’s wedding is done, you’ll want to fast forward (or entirely skip) several short scenes -- probably a little over five minutes worth. One thing that makes this more difficult is that it cuts between and A&V scene and a different unrelated scene...and then back. Just skip the middle scenes too, they aren’t too important. Other than that, the movie was mostly clear -- a few insinuations etc, but not bad at all.

The most exciting scene (I refuse to ruin it if you don’t already know what it is) was well done, and I was impressed! Very well filmed. And I LOVED what Albert told Victoria at the end of the scene... *happy sigh*. Super sweet. :)

So, there you go! Good movie and I enjoyed it. Skip a few scenes, and you’ll be good to go! I think it was pretty accurate historically, but I need to go get a Victoria biography to read now. It deserves a 9!



Annie said...

This is one of my favorite movies! Victoria's story is very inspiring and her romance with Albert is so sweet and genuine. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures and info. =)

Kara said...

Great post, Charity U!! Loved the pictures and your commentary on this film, so well done :)

I watched this movie when it first came out on dvd. I did not the story at all, but when I saw Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend I knew I had to watch it :) I recognized Rupert Friend from Pride and Prejudice, but did not recognize Harriet Walters...GOOD JOB on pointing that out!!

Love how you point out details from the film and highlight the good stuff, so glad you enjoyed the movie. I agree with your rating, thanks for being so thorough :)
Blessings, Kara

Charity U said...

Annie, I did enjoy it!

Kara, IMDB is my big helper on recognizing actors from movies! Especially when I recognize them but don't know from where, like with one character in "One Night With the King" (great movie, review coming in a few weeks). Harriet Walters was one I recognized immediately as the S&S lady, but didn't know her name.
Ha, I drove my sister nuts! We were watching in the dark, and I kept turning on my reading light to make notes. That's why this is so through...they are if I do notes. :) Thanks for commenting!

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

I really liked this movie! The costumes are definitely one of the high points! When I watched this movie, I found myself learning a little more about Queen Victoria.

I also didn't care for Albert's accent. (Having never seen The Princess Bride, I couldn't relate it to Inigo Montoya's accent). Something just didn't seem right about it: I know it was supposed to be a German accent, but it just didn't sound right. Not sure what it was exactly, though, but something was amiss...

I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

Charity U said...

Miss Elizabeth, firstly, you need to see Princess Bride. It's pretty awesome and highly quotable. :) But yeah, it wasn't a German accent. I think Inigo Montoya is Spanish. Or maybe Italian. But certainly not German. Incidentally, he's the guy that Prince Caspian based his accent on too.
Gotta love these films where you learn more about the characters in an interesting way!

Analiese said...

Ooh, I love this movie too! The costumes are so pretty.

Katelyn said...

I did a review on this last month on my blog. It is such a great movie!