Monday, October 22, 2012

Hobbit: Unexpected Journey -- Books

So y'all ought to know that the first Hobbit movie is coming out in just a few months...just less than two, now. There will be three movies total, coming in December 2012, December 2013, and June 2014. There are a number of Hobbit related products coming out soon that are very exciting! Some are related to the book, several to the movie. Please note: the list below is in absolutely no order -- utterly according to how I spaced the links when I first put them in. So! Ready for this? Here's my Hobbit wishlist/love-list. ;)

Sounds like a fun and interesting movie handbook, full of strange and random facts! Can't wait to read it...hoping it's good!

I need a Hobbit calendar for the year, and this may be the one I end up going to...we'll see. :) The pictures look like they'd be beautiful -- I know Alan Lee is an excellent artist from his drawings in Children of Hurin and concept art for Lord of the Rings movies. The Amazon reviews are mixed...but also mixed up. They seem to be about many different calendars, instead of just this one, so I'm not really sure how nice this one is.

Gotta admit, this is what I'm most excited about! Hopefully this book will be as beautiful as the guides to Narnia, as opposed to the Brian Sibley guide to Lord of the Rings -- a disappointment. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but if this book is anything like its cover, it'll be wonderful! So excited about this one.

If this book is full of pictures from the movie, along with just a few words, I'll be happy. Hope it lives up to my expectations!

2013 the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Wall Calendar

There. I changed my mind. THIS is the calendar I want. Or can I have two? Cause I think I want two...anyway. This one looks amazing and I'm looking forward to it!

While this isn't really a book that I'm considering buying, I think it looks like a book for someone who knows nothing about hobbits and is writing a paper about them. Though why someone would do that is beyond me. ANYWAY. Moving on.

Looks like a beautiful book! I'm sure it will be very interesting. 

The Art of the Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien by Tolkien, Wayne G. Hammond, and Christina Scull

I think this would be a delightful resource book, just for Tolkien fans! I would love to spend some time in it. 

Looks like a good book -- I'll read it someday. :)

This isn't all the books, though it's a fairly good sampling. I encourage you to poke around on Amazon and find some more! :) And if you find any exceptionally good ones, give me a holler -- I'd like to see them too!


Hamlette said...

The second calendar looks wonderful, and maybe "Exploring The Hobbit" would make me dig this book more -- thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Melody said...

I tagged you!

Alyianna said...

Those books all look great! And don't worry about two calendars - just hang up each one on a different side of your bedroom. Or make your parents let you hang one of them in the kitchen or something... :P

Kiri Liz said...

Can't wait for The Hobbit!! I love... well, everything! It would be so cool to have a Hobbit calendar!