Sunday, October 28, 2012

One of my To-Read Lists

Amazon is recommending books to me again...well, it always is. And naturally, I'm listening -- who wouldn't want to hear book recommendations? I make a point to always listen. So, here you are...the covers (because typing all the words takes too long) of a very few of the books I want to read someday.

Note -- if this list was in any order, which it's not, that book on the right would be at the top. And so would the book on the right, though not quite as high. :) would that book below. All high on my to-read list.


Which of these have you read, and which are on your to-read list? I want to know! Feel free to leave recommendations for me too. :)


Jemimah C. said...

I've never read any of these, but they sure look fascinating!

Julie said...

You have some good ones on your list! I've read:
The Guardian Duke
Bourne & Tributary
The Chase
Full Disclosure
Shadow of Colossus which has a new name(Isle of Shadows) I'm currently reading it.
Looking forward to reading your thoughts on each book :)

Julie@My Favorite Pastime

Carissa said...

I haven't read any of them but, there are a few on my to read list.

Love Amid the Ashes
Full Disclosure
The Bridge
Trinity Military War dog
Roses Have Thorns
The Healer's Apprentice
The Irish Healer

Charity U said...

Ugh. Blogger mixed up my format. Excuse the mess! :P

Julie, SO JEALOUS that you got to read "Bourne & Tributary"! Gotta admit that's a one I'm most excited about. :)