Monday, December 10, 2012

Biography: Scotty McCreery

I only recently discovered this singer...and I haven't stopped lovin' it yet. :)

He was born in North Carolina on October 9, 1993. He was on American Idol, thereby becoming more famous. He's only released two albums so far...

The first was Clear as Day which I just bought off of Amazon, but haven't yet had time to listen to. However, I was already familiar with a few of the songs. Make sure you hear I Love You This Big and The Trouble with Girls. And while you're at it...check out Swingin', a fun song not on that album. But the CD I really love...

Christmas with Scotty McCreery. I bought First Noel and then went and bought the whole CD at WalMart for full price -- and believe it or not, I haven't regretted it! It's like Josh Turner singing Christmas -- and what more could any girl want? Make sure you listen.

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