Sunday, December 23, 2012

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Comparisons

Our last song comparison for this year...enjoy it! And don't forget to comment! Merry Christmas!
Bing Crosby -- 8 high
Amazingly rich voice. More American than Andrea Bocelli, but they're vaguely similar. Clear words. And it's beautiful, really! Cheerful but calm. Steady.
Frank Sinatra -- 8.5
He croons it. Slow and satiny. Amazing and a highly enjoyable voice. Repetitive, nicely. He does well with the tenor too. Calm and smooth. Like it!
Judy Garland -- 8
The original! It has uneven timing (which I'm not used to which is weird since this started it all). But Judy has really amazing vibrato and quite a deep voice. It's a short song here. She is so young for that voice! Neat timing though. :)
Amy Grant -- 8 high
Quiet and low and quite gentle. Almost soothing. She's not a show off here! Also quite short, but easy to listen to. It'll put you to sleep if you're tired!
Katherine Jenkins -- 8
{{no video, the CD is too new}}
Katherine has a beautiful voice, but this isn't meant to be an operatic song. Her voice soars in a lovely manner, but it's not right for this song. Great job/voice, wrong style. Nice variations too.
Michael Buble -- 8
Perfect style -- rhythmic and smooth. Done in a gentle way for Michael. And not really un-traditional at all either, which is nice. Good.
Celtic Woman -- 8.5
Beautiful harmony! No instruments for the first half or so. One word? Lovely. It's absolutely flawless -- doesn't get much better! Delightful!
Frank Sinatra won. Though Celtic Woman is a close second! But honestly, Frank is great here. :)
Your thoughts:
What's your favorite? Have you seen Judy Garland sing the original in Meet Me in St. Louis? Comment! And Merry Christmas!

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Jenn said...

Judy Garland is my hands down favorite. I love Meet Me in St. Louis. The song is very sad.