Monday, December 31, 2012

Introducing 31 Books You Need to Read

Back when I was still in the middle of the Novemberisms event, my mind was already turning...coming up with ideas for another blog event. And here is the result! I decided I needed to feature my favorite books AND my photography. Every day in the month of January, I will spotlight a book that I think you'll love...a book that is one I think you should put on your must-reads-this-year list. They are 31 Books You Need to Read.

Each post will include a picture of the title of the book (taken by me), a book blurb, a link to my original review, a link to Amazon in case you decide to buy the book, and more! I've had so much fun writing these posts up and taking the pictures...I hope you enjoy them a lot. :) Never fear, I'll still be publishing regular book and movie reviews, along with occasional Cover Focuses.

Finally -- the other great thing about the books I'll be mentioning...I own each and every one. Of course, if I'd just done any and every books I like, there's no way I'd be able to narrow it down to just 31! So I limited myself to books I loved that I own. That means there's some books I absolutely love aren't included here because I don't own them (yet).

So, are you ready? Because your to-read list is going to be extended here! And so...on January 1, 2013...we'll start.

This seems a good time to mention that I'm currently at 195 followers from just over two years. I have a book to give away when I hit 200 -- so tell your friends!


Kara said...

Love this new event, Charity U! You're always doing creative and inspiring things here, thanks for always keeping it fresh and fun :)
Happy New Year to you, looking forward to more of you and your blog in 2013! Blessings girl!

Charity U said...

Kara, thanks for that encouraging comment! I'm really excited about 31 Need to Reads, and am glad you are too. It'll be awesome! Happy 2013!

Rissi said...

This is a really creative idea, Charity! Love that you are doing it and will look forward to your picks. :)