Friday, December 7, 2012

Home Studio Arts Necklaces -- You'll Love Them!

You all remember that I had my birthday a few weeks ago (we celebrated with a Week of Musicals -- fun times!). For that birthday, my parents gave me several gifts...and this one is one of the cutest. While I don't usually review any products that aren't books...this one has to do with books. So I pulled out my camera, and took these pictures, so you can see:

It says "I like big books and I cannot lie." Cute or cute?

As you can see, it's just a little Scrabble tile (with a "C" for Charity!) and a plastic thing on the front. I don't know what to call the's not a sticker, but it's stuck on firmly and sticks up a little. Very nice. I wondered at first if it wouldn't catch on something and get pulled off or fall off...but there are no rough edges around where the Big Books thing is stuck on, and I'd say it's pretty secure!

I love that they have such a cute little leaf shape on the clasp, or whatever you call it.

Best part about this? It's homemade! According to the tag that came with it, Stefani and Mark make these adorable little necklaces (and there are hundreds of choices in their Etsy shop, Home Studio Arts) while raising their kids. There are designs in almost any theme in their shop (my sister has a horse on an "A")...and you can combine any design and letter! Take a look at these way-too-cute styles (pictures from their site)(click on the links to go see them in the store):


I TOLD you they were cute. I don't know what I'd do if I had to decide which to buy! I'll admit, I typed up this whole post then went back and added a paragraph so I could include some more. Because once I got onto their website, I went through a small percentage of all they had and found these...and for each one, I just HAD to include it. I forced myself to stop looking, I kid you not. 

So! Wanna buy one? Go check out Home Studio Arts and their super awesomely adorable Scrabble tile necklaces! You'll find one you love, I have no doubt. Oh, and a word to the wise...these would make an awesome Christmas gift! :)


Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Oh my I think I want them ALL, I especially love the Austen themed tiles. :-) Thanks for sharing!


Elizabeth said...

I believe what is over them is a clear glue, or a glass. I know someone who can make these kinds of things. You have a tool that puts the see through protection on the image you want. That is what is sounded like when she described the process to me. :)

I really loves these. I have a Titanic one that I wear a lot. I like the quotes ones best as I am always collecting quotes.

Stefani McCune said...

Thank you for sharing our pendants on your blog!!! If you don't mind I'm pinning them to our Pinterst page. Just look up homestudio and pinterest... Hoping to bring you more blogging traffic. :)

We are pleased you love your necklace. Thank you so much!!