Sunday, December 2, 2012

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel Comparisons

Firstly. Before we begin. Let me explain. I decided that this year, it would be fun to publish comparisons of several versions of one song each of the first four Sundays in December. They're all songs I enjoy, and I think you really will too. So, here we go with the first one! Make sure and read to the end -- leave me a comment. :)
Phillips, Craig and Dean - 8.5

Full of beautiful harmonization -- you'll enjoy that! There's a steady beat in the background, but the tempo varies through the song, however that works. It's very good.

Best of Celtic Christmas - 8.5
 {{unable to find on youtube, but available on Amazon}}
Peaceful. If I had to describe it with one word, that word would definitely be smooth. It's also slow and gentle -- a song to play when trying to sleep. Beautiful and calming! Gently repetitive. 

Enya - 8.5

Sung in a classically Enya way, reminiscent of May It Be. Crisp and clear, and not super slow like some versions. Interesting chorus, I though. Definitely spotlights her voice! 

Francesca Battistelli - 8
 A deeper voice than the previous ones, certainly. It bugged me that I noticed every breath she took. You can often hear them, but here, I thought they were very noticeable -- rather annoying. The words are easy to follow, and she has a basic piano accompaniment. 

Katherine Jenkins - 9

{{Since the song is on her newest CD, they don't have it on youtube. SO. Go buy the CD, it's worth it. And there's the trailer.}}
So beautiful. A smooth and gentle two verses and one chorus, then a suddenly swelling and absolutely thrilling chorus! A great exhibit of Katherine's beautiful voice. My descriptive word here? Thrilling.


I think it's obvious: Katherine Jenkins. That was the song that inspired me to do all the song comparisons that are coming this month! 

Your opinion:

How familiar are you with this song? What version did I miss that you love/know? Leave a comment and tell me! Oh, and do you enjoy one of these more than my favorite?


bluegrassbirdie said...

One of my favorite versions of this song is done by Casting Crowns. It is instrumental and can be found on youtube. It features a gorgeous violin!

Julia VanLaar said...

I agree that the Casting Crown version is amazing! It gives me chills every time I listen to it. But I love this song in general so every version is great :)

Little Lady said...'s not really a fair choice because I'm a totally utterly devoted Kath Jenkins fan!!! So of course, I vote hers. Casting Crowns is good too...but Kath JENKINS! lol

Great post & interesting topic! Love it!