Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Movie: Italian Job

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 10

Genre: Adventure (guns, chases, etc)

Series or set: At one point, it was discussed to do a Brazilian Job but it fell through. 

Primary actors: Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Donald Sutherland

Length: Two hours

Based on: The original Italian Job that came out in 1969. I hear that the storylines are quite different, and that this one is far better. 

Time period: Present

Quote(s): I had a bad experience. 

Year it came out: 2003

My overall opinion: LOVE it! I think that fact is amply shown by the fact that I’m giving it a 9.5! It had some language (check on IMDB for specifics) and a little immodesty, but while that would take the rating down for many movies, it didn’t here…although it might almost have been a 10. (as you may have noticed...I came back four months later and changed it to a 10 -- it's that good) :) The action is amazing, and I really enjoyed the intricate plot twists and the thought that goes into each crime! All the guys are amazing, and I enjoyed “getting to know” them, especially Charlie, who remained my favorite throughout. I can tell I’ll want to watch this movie again and again in the years to come! 


**Sorry for the lack of pictures...working ones are hard to find.**


Kara said...

Hey Charity U!
I also really enjoyed this movie, glad you did as well :)
I love Charlize's driving in this movie. Did NOT know about the brazilian job bit, how interesting! It's a good cast, but the story is both action packed and humorous and that's what i enjoyed most.

Kara said...

wow, you gave this one the highest rating! very cool :)

Charity U said...

Kara, sure did! I REALLY enjoyed it. :) And yes! Charlize's driving is great! I want a MiniCooper... :)

Mary Beth said...

I really, really enjoyed this when I watched it a while back. I should watch it again sometime. :)