Sunday, December 9, 2012

White Christmas Comparisons

I had a lot of fun comparing all these versions of White Christmas! Good song. :) Here we go! Oh, first? This was the hardest song to choose a favorite. Out of all four I'm comparing this month!

Celtic Woman -- 8.5

Beautiful. Fairly basic (love that video tho). Quite soprano, but certainly not unpleasant. There's some lovely harmonizing! Splendid

Il Divo -- 8.5

Varying male voices, extremely pleasant. Excellent vibrato on some parts! Some in Latin? Or probably Italian? I don't know. But either's stunning. 

 Michael Buble -- 8.5 high

Sung with Shania Twain. It has a very methodical background beat with no tune. It's certainly not traditional, but it's memorable. One word to describe? Catchy. :) Fun and steady. I discovered on listening to Elvis' that it's almost an exact copy, with just a few changes!

Andrea Bocelli -- 8.5

Note that this is my fourth 8.5...and there are more to come! He calls it White Christmas/Bianco Natale. Some of it's in Italian? I think. It's rich and flowing, mostly deep and quite stirring. Lovely. Great  voice, and an octave below Michael Buble's.

Bing Crosby -- 8.5

See, I love all these 8.5 versions and can't rank them lower! Bing Crosby's feels very old-style -- that's how I'd describe it. But not less delightful! I like his voice -- hadn't heard it before. It's a slow song. And oh! The whistling and humming! Very good.

Elvis -- 8

Before you condemn me, note that this is my very first Elvis song ever. Except for Just Do It which I did hear once...or was the Michael Jackson's? ANYWAY. I don't usually listen to Elvis. But here, I liked it...he has a voice like Michael Buble, but his pronounciation of the words seemed sloppy. It's basic, and you'll want to sway with it. Interesting variations.

Ella Fitzgerald -- 8

Slightly rough voice, mostly pleasant and okay though. Some good vibrato. A deep voice for a woman, seemed to me. Usually it would be easy to sing along with as far as rhythm. Easy listening.


In the end, Michael Buble's won as my all-time favorite version of White Christmas. But Bing Crosby was a close second!

Your opinion:

What is your favorite, and what versions did I miss? :)


Kate~God's Swordmaiden said...

I almost agree with you. I have to say Bing Crosby's is the best with Michael Buble's in second. I love Bing Crosby's because he sang it originally in Holiday Inn. So it was basically written by Irving Berlin for him to sing in Holiday Inn and White Christmas. (<--- Good movies!) I love Bing!

Michael Buble is just altogether awesome. And his version is very memorable along with his other Christmas songs.

Alice said...

my favorite of these is Michael Buble and Bing Crosby (tied). I also like the Celtic Woman version.

Pam K. said...

I know I'm a lot older than you but I still find it hard to believe you haven't seen any of Bing Crosby's movies or heard his singing! Holiday Inn and White Christmas are classics.
My favorite versions were by Bing, Andrea Bocelli, and Il Divo. I thought the version by Elvis was absolutely awful and not a good example of his singing at all. I wonder if it was recorded during his later years. It was fun to listen to the different versions. Thanks for taking the time to find and post all of these.

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Bing Crosby's version is so classic, the most classic version because it was written for him to sing. I used to think he wrote the song! You'd love White Christmas, Charity, it's a very fun movie!

I enjoy all of these versions, except for Elvis's version. No, it's not a very good sample of his voice. I'm not a huge Elvis fan but I do like his 'Blue Christmas', another classic.

Michael Buble's version is probably my favorite of these, I just love his voice! His version is patterned on White Christmas as sung by The Drifters (watch this fun cartoon version here: which is another classic though not as old as Bing Crosby's.

What a fun post! :)

Charity U said...

Kate and Alice, seems like Bing Crosby and Micahel Buble came out as a lot of people's favorites! :)

Pam, I do need to listen to more by Bing and watch some of those movies. I am unlike most of America's population in that, you'll be glad to hear. :) Do keep checking back on the next two Sundays...I'll be doing more comparisons (and the one in just under two weeks will include a Bing Crosby version!:)

Miss Laurie, like I mentioned, I really haven't ever listened to Elvis before, and I'm not planning to hear anything other than maybe some more Christmas. :) I'll watch "White Christmas" fact, I'll go put it on my to-see list now! :)