Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Lord of the Rings: the Making of the Movie Trilogy

Author: Brian Sibley
Genre: Movie companion, making of
Series: Companion to Lord of the Rings
My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9
Type: Non-fiction, of the fictional genre (?)
Number of pages: 191
Time period: Fantasy
My overall opinion: Fun book! It’s guaranteed great for anyone who loves the movies. There are tons of photos (over 300 according to the back) including some that I’d never seen but really enjoyed! Count on it, you will too. There are also plenty of words and therefore lots to read. Unfortunately, it was published before even Two Towers was out, so there aren’t any awesome pictures from the third movie, or really the second either. :( That was a bit of a disappointment.
A few interesting facts I picked up or was reminded of… ***Gandalf and Saruman’s noses were both molded to a more distinct shape***One of the reasons Wormtongue is so repulsive and dreadful is because of the simple fact that – he has no eyebrows! Look at a picture, you’ll see. ***John Rhys-Davies acts Gimli, as I hope you recall…he also does Treebeard’s voice.***Etc…there are so many more fun facts in this book!
There are sections on almost everything…soundtrack, special effects, lighting, hair, costumes, voices, weapons, hats, fire, rings, battles, orcs, armor, feet, ears, calligraphy, miniatures, trees, and much much more! All fascinating. There was especially a lot on surroundings and sets and inanimate things, and I would have personally preferred more about the actors and the characters. But overall? It’s a good book and definitely worth spending some time in. Check it out!

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