Monday, December 10, 2012

CD: Christmas with Scotty McCreery

Singer: Scotty McCreery

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9

Type of music: Country! :)

List of songs: 
  1. Let It Snow
  2. First Noel
  3. Jingle Bells
  4. Holly Jolly Christmas
  5. Winter Wonderland
  6. Christmas in Heaven
  7. Mary Did You Know?
  8. Christmas Comin’ Round Again
  9. O Holy Night
  10. The Christmas Song (Chesnuts)
  11. Santa Claus is Back in Town 
My overall opinion: My favorites were Let It Snow, First Noel, Holly Jolly Christmas, Christmas in Heaven, Christmas Song. And yes. That’s half the CD. I really like it! First Noel wins the prize for absolute top favorite…Noelle is actually my middle name! I LOVE Scotty’s voice on that one! There is really a wide variety of songs, and to some extent, styles in this album. Christmas Song was quite slow and peaceful, and Jingle Bells…another interesting variation! It amuses me how each artist does that one so differently. I didn’t like Mary Did You Know? so much, but that’s more because I don’t really like the song than from the way he did it. Because he does it nicely. Christmas in Heaven is a close second to First Noel, and the words are very interesting… “And I wonder…is the snow fallin’ down on the streets of gold? Are the mansions all covered in white? …..I wonder what Christmas in Heaven is like.” I’d never thought about that before – had you? Finally, Santa Claus is Back in Town has a fun style, and is a great wrap-up. All around, a CD worth buying!

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Carissa said...

I Love this CD. Christmas in Heaven gets me teary eyed every time I hear it.