Sunday, December 16, 2012

First Noel Comparisons

When I decided to do song comparisons, I knew I'd have to do this one this's always been a favorite of mine, and "Noelle" is actually my middle name! And after hearing my favorite version...well, I couldn't leave it out. This song. Or that version. Here we go!
Susan Boyle -- 8.5 high
Strange timing, but not discordant. Overall: peaceful. And calming. Satiny. I like it!
Scotty McCreery -- 9.5
Anyone wanna guess what my favorite was? ;) This guy has Josh Turner's voice. Love it! Guitar and string instruments accompany him. It's a country Christmas! The words are's truly lovely.
Bob Dylan -- 7
I didn't know what to expect when I downloaded this...and I'm still recovering, a week later. His voice is very raspy, it sounds painful! The harmony is weird; the voice, annoying. I think his voice and the way he groans and rasps, would be appropriate for a drinking song. But not this one. If I was a wiseman, I'd be offended. :P
Josh Groban and Faith Hill -- 8.5
A huge relief to the ears after Bob Dylan! Their voices complement each other in a lovely manner, and it's so smooth! Josh sings the melody and Faith accompanies most of the time. Pleasant. And they do sing out! But very nicely, unlike SOME versions.
Scotty McCreery all the way. So beautiful! I loved it and am still loving it!
Your thoughts:
What's your favorite version? Did I get it on this list? :)

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