Thursday, February 2, 2012


Yes, I am finally getting around to posting the awards that several bloggers have been so sweet as to give me! This first one is from four gals: Katy, Ella, Miss Elizabeth, and Melody. Thanks, ladies! I am honored.

Also, I received these two awards from Melody and Crystal. Thanks, ladies!

Finally, TWO more awards from Melody!

I'm going to copy Melody, who combined all the awards into one post and did what they said. Basically, post seven random things about you, and then award 10-15 bloggers! First, seven random things.

#1 – I’m not a huge fan of political or legal suspense books, but I’ve read several. And some I did love. J
#2 – I am very comfortable up front, at least, when teaching a Good News or 5-Day Club for kids.
#3 – It’s a problem of mine that I enjoy organizing other people’s lives. I enjoy it, others don’t always.
#4 – I LOVE CHINESE FOOD. American Chinese, that is.
#5 – Speaking of food…I could survive on dark chocolate and Doritos. And bacon.
#6 – I read approximately a book per day, but they don’t all get reviewed on here.
#7 – Movie guides are one of my favorite types of book to read, provided they’re for movies I’ve seen.
Now, some blogs to award. I know, some of you have already received the award, but hey, I still think you deserve it. :)
Elegance of Fashion -- Miss Elizabeth Bennet
Old-Fashioned Charm -- Miss Laurie
Libri -- Larkin
Miss Georgiana Darcy -- Miss Georgiana
Alyianna's Reviews -- Alyianna
There's 10! Enjoy your awards. :)

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Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Thank you Charity! You're very sweet! :)