Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Period Drama Advice Event Letter #1!

Miss Elizabeth's Period Drama Advice Event is finally beginning! I'm so glad. :) Click on the button above to learn more.
The first letter to respond to is from Miss Jane Eyre:
Dear Period Drama Advice Column,
I am the governess at Thornfield Hall, the home of Mr. Rochester. When I first met him, he seemed to be very harsh, eccentric, and unconventional, but I now find myself falling in love with him. He has been the only person who I could talk to as an equal. I had not intended to love him: I tried to fight it. He made me love him without looking at me, but he is to be shortly married to a Miss Ingram, a beautiful but subconscious person. I cannot help but love him. I've said that my pupil, Adele, should go to school and that I should seek a new situation, but I cannot bear to leave Thornfield: I have not been trampled on there; I have not been petrified; I have not been buried with inferior minds, and excluded from every glimpse of communion with what is bright and energetic and high. What shall I do?
Jane Eyre
And a reply, written by me:
Jane Eyre,
You must leave at once. It is dangerous to be in such a close proximity to a gentleman who is already engaged! Naturally, a previous engagement must be honored, and having you there may harm it. Therefore, you must leave with all possible speed! Pray, what is your age? No doubt you are too young to be falling in love anyway – not to say that such a thing as “love” is real. It is a popular illusion nowadays. Alas, my own nephew was engaged to marry Anne, my sweet daughter. But then, a young woman came along and said that she loves him and he loves her! It is most intolerable. The worst of it is, that without any considerations for his dead mother’s wishes (or, might I mention, my own wishes) my nephew Darcy married the young flirt! I know she ensnared him with her flirtatious ways.
But, as to your situation, I say that you must leave immediately. If you would like to come to Rosings Park, my own home, you would be most welcome. You shall not be “buried with inferior minds” here – the vicar of my parsonage is sure to enrich your religious well-being and thought-life. He is a most solicitous young man. Pray reply at once so that we may arrange your travel plans. I shall take it as a personal affront if you do not come immediately.  
Lady Catherine de Bourgh
I'm hoping to post more replies to more letters in the coming weeks!


Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Thanks for the entry! I could imagine Lady Catherine saying this!

Katelyn said...

I will enjoy reading the rest of these letters!

Charity U said...

Miss Elizabeth, good. :)

Katelyn, I hope you do! Can't wait to write more.

Jillian said...

That's awesome. Lady Catherine was a great choice for answering this letter. (Though I'd be afraid to enter her house! Sounds like she wants to take command of Jane Eyre's life!) :-D

Katelyn said...

Forgot to mention it earlier, but the reply really does sound like something Lady Catherine would write!

Alyianna said...

AHAHA I only know the basic story of Jane Eyre (and not the other story), but I found this incredibly funny.

Charity U said...

Jillian, trust me, she does want to take control. Lady Catherine is like that.

Katelyn, oh good! I did my best. So fun to write like Austen characters!

Alyianna, glad it made you laugh. :) I giggled a couple times too while writing it. Oh dear, you really need to read P&P! Such an awesome book.

Charity U said...

Oh, girls, if you enjoyed this...I've written two others.

John Brooke asking for advice, and receiving it from Lydia Wickham and Mr. Collins: http://austenitis.blogspot.com/2011/08/jane-austen-advice-column.html

And Anne Shirley asking, Amy March and Mary Bennet responding: http://austenitis.blogspot.com/2011/09/period-drama-week-advice-column.html


Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Ha ha! Your reply made me giggle so much! You exactly captured Lady Catherine's pride and controlling tone! I love her remark about "buried with inferior minds", too funny!!! :)

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Ha! So, SO Lady Catherine!
Wonderful! :)

Collage Pirate

Charity U said...

Miss Laurie, Mimi, glad you both enjoyed it. It was really fun to write!