Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday: Mary I

Mary I (also known as Bloody Mary)


Birth: February 18, 1516

Death: November 17, 1558

It’s her 496th birthday!
You know her because – she’s one of the famous English queens, known for killing over 300 people who weren’t Catholic.


Elizabeth said...

I have to say, that even though I don't agree with her killing all those people(and it should be noted that her father killed many more than she did). I find that is all the books I have read that I identify more with her, and her mother. I always feel so sorry for her with what happened with Anne B. She really had a tough time. There is a really good that I read that changed how I thought about her, I think you would enjoy it(you may have read it). It is called Mary Bloody Mary by Carolyn Meyer.

Charity U said...


Yes, actually, I have read that one! I can't remember if it's reviewed on here or not...let me see. Nope, but I thought I had! Guess not. However, I have read it...fairly recently too. And you're's a good book.