Monday, February 27, 2012

Birthday: Josh Groban

Josh Groban


Birth: February 27, 1981

It’s his 31st birthday!

You know him because – he’s a greatly loved Christian/classical singer. He’s come out with many albums.


Alyianna said...

So he IS Christian! Wherever did you find that out?!?

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

That's neat! I didn't know it was Josh's birthday. :)
Josh Groban is probably my favorite male singer, I have loved his rich baritone voice for years!

Alyianna, It's hard tell if Josh Groban is a Christian or not because his personal religious beliefs are not something he generally discusses with fans. I think Charity just meant that some of the songs he sings are considered Spiritual or Inspirational.

Katelyn said...

I love listening to his songs, especially his Christmas ones!

Charity U said...

Alyianna, see what Miss Laurie said. I guess I automatically assumed he my circles, he's generally thought to be. But I can't reference you to a specific place where I learned that.

Miss Laurie, he is wonderful! Josh Turner is my favorite, but they're really not comparable.

Katelyn, I can't wait to hear his Christmas album! Not to mention that the title is my middle name...really!