Thursday, February 2, 2012

Guest Blog - Voyage of the Dawn Treader Review

Hi! My name is Katelyn. I thought I'd introduce myself before starting on the review, so...1) I am the oldest of 10. 2) I am a home-school graduate. 3) I love reading and trying new books. 4) I enjoy anything related to Jane Austen. 5) I love photography and have my own little side business, Forever Photos, and 6) I found out about Austenitis through another blog Jewels by Julia.

Ok, enough about me-on to the review!


When I first heard through NarniaWeb that a new version of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was being made, I thought “Oh, this should be good!” Then, I heard that Andrew Adamson, who directed the first two would be producing and not directing (yes, there is a difference), I was like, “Oh, pooh!” As time went on, I read and watched several interviews that gave me mixed feelings about this movie. I liked that would be a bit more action and a subplot, but was not happy about some of the alterations.

(Such as the White Witch being showing up again)

A few things I liked about the movie:

Lilliandil, a.k.a. Ramandu’s daughter, was just lovely in this film. She was the Dawn Treader’s “guide” as the blue star.

 I thought they did a wonderful job with the whole Lucy being envious of Susan.

 Eustace’s being a dragon was a wonderful illustration of our need of God to create a new heart within us.

And, of course, ASLAN!! The end was, without a doubt, my favorite. Aslan’s telling Lucy and Edmund that their time in Narnia was so they might know Him better in our world was so touching.

Now, for some things I didn’t like so much:

The Sea Serpent- I really thought they went a little over-board with this whole battle scene. Call me a stickler, but I’d really hoped they would stay a little closer to the book.
(very ugly and frightening)

And the evil green mist. VERY interesting twist they put in here.

I think that’s about it for the pros/cons for me. Hope you all enjoyed it

Overall rating: 8.5
Opinion: Very good, but could have been just a little better
                I don’t really think little ones (5 & under) should
                watch it w/o parents around.
 Length: A little over 2 hours



Charity U said...

Thanks for posting, Katelyn! I enjoyed your post. :)

Ella said...

I agree!

Angela said...

Enjoyed this post a lot! Me and my family loves all things narnia... :D

I feel just about the same as you do - I was very impressed with the "Christianess" :) about it, but wish they would've stuck to the book.

Katelyn said...

Thank you, everyone! This is the first time I've done a guest post, so I'm glad you enjoyed it.