Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Background!

Winter is (supposedly, sorta) over. Maybe. Maybe not. But I'm tired of my winter background, and have returned to using Julia's beautiful ones! I had the (delectable) Creamy Latte background before for several months -- now, Toffee Wrapper. All from her Chocolate Series! I highly recommend that you go to "I Love It!" Blog Designs and choose your own new blog background. My favorite posts are the Chocolate Series one, the Aqua one, and, of course, the Jane Austen one. Check it out!

P.S. Julia -- if you read this...when are more coming? I looked for Christmas ones there, awhile back, but never saw any... :( Can't wait to see what other brilliant and delightful ideas you'll come up with!


Julia said...

Hi Charity!

I am so sorry about the abscence of winter backgrounds. I had some designed up but never got them on the blog... I've been so busy preparing for the three homeschool conventions I'm going to this spring! However, I am planning a fresh batch of spring backgrounds. :)


Alyianna said...

I love the new background! My background on my reviews blog is also from "I Love I!" Blog Designs. Julia has really good blog backgrounds, doesn't she?

Charity U said...

Julia, oh, I'm envious you get to go to three conferences! What states? I'll be going (as a leader) to the Kids Conference in our state. :) Can't wait!

Alyianna, thanks! She does -- I love them!