Friday, February 17, 2012

Guest Blogger: Alyianna

Dear blogging friends,

Please help me welcome Alyianna! She's going to be doing several guest post in the coming days (including one tomorrow!) and we're starting with this little interview. Enjoy getting to know her, and make sure you check out her blog(s!)! :)

You have a blog...what's it about? Actually...I have three blogs. ;) The first one, Scribbles of a Catholic Teen, is my main blog, where I do daily posts (Saint of the Day, an article [usually about animals], a minute meditation, and comics) besides updates about me. I also write about things that I like (e.g. Lord of the Rings, music). Then there is my Middle Earth blog - Password to Middle Earth. Here I have news for the upcoming Hobbit film, random LOTR things I find (such as Behind the Scenes videos), What Happened On This Day In Middle Earth, and more. Finally, the latest blog I started is Alyianna's Reviews - where I do reviews on books, movies, music, etc. I actually got inspired to start this blog by Austenitis. :)

Oh, I didn't know that! I'm honored. :) And I need to check out a few more of your blogs! Since this blog is all about Austen in particular, and book in general, what are some of your favorite books? Sadly, I haven't read anything Austen...yet. But Pride and Prejudice is on my list of books to read when I have a moment away from school. My favourite book trilogy is, as you have probably already guessed, Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, which I am a complete fanatic of. I also enjoy The Chronicles of Narnia, the Edge Chronicles, the John Paul II High books, etc. etc. etc.

How about a few favorite movies? This is repetitive...but again, The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia (not the BBC movies). I also love classic Disney movies.

Finally, please give us a direct link to your blogs.
Scribbles of a Catholic Teen:
Password to Middle Earth:
Alyianna's Reviews:

Back to Charity. Thanks for coming, Alyianna! I can't wait to read your guest posts.

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