Friday, August 10, 2012

Cover Focus: Under a Desert Sky

Under a Desert Sky by DiAnn Mills

Book blurb from : When Eva Fortier's grandfather is murdered, her attorney urges her to leave New York and take refuge in the high desert area of New Mexico. Leaving her life of wealth behind, Eva attempts to make sense of the tragedies in her life. Navajo David Benally has his hands full taking care of his people's medical needs. But when his father asks him to help fulfill a vow made to Eva's father, he has no choice but to oblige. He views Eva as a spoiled rich girl...until he sees her strength in the midst of life-threatening danger.”
Why I like this cover: You know, my cover is actually different from this cover. Because yes, I own this book, just not with this cover. But I like this one. Probably one of the things that attracts me most about it is the focus that the photographer has on Eva’s hair! It’s an angle and focus that you don’t see very often on book covers. I love that you can see her mouth and a bit of nose, but not her eyes. It adds mystery, I think. And I’m glad that they included that bit of horizon down at the bottom of the picture. It’s perfect…the whole cover wouldn’t be the same without it. All in all, I think this is a really neat cover! And I recommend the book…I liked it.

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