Saturday, August 11, 2012

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Ta-da! Yet another tag, made by me. :) Having covered some of Jane Austen and Lord of the Rings, I figured it was Narnia's we go!

Who’s your favorite Pevensie kid? Peter – and he always has been my favorite. He’s the oldest (like me), he’s brave (not quite so like me), he’s strong (physically and leadershiply), and he’s pretty awesome (if a little stubborn and occasionally stupid – yes, I admit that). 

List the other three Pevensie kids in order according to how much you like them. Include a few details. Lucy, Edmund, Susan. Lucy is such a sweet little girl! And she’s pretty brave too. Then Edmund – he was quite bad for much of the The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but in the end, he’s good. And Susan I’ve never really liked, though according to quizzes I’m most like her. After she stops believing in Narnia, well, that’s just sad.

Who’s your favorite Narnian (other than Aslan)? I do love Tumnus the faun. He’s such a funny little guy!

Which child are you the most similar to? Either Peter or Susan. Both are bossy (I am), both think fast.

Have you read the books? Yes, multiple times. But the reason I know them so well? The Focus on the Family dramatizations. Amazing!

Which book is your favorite? Why? Silver Chair. The whole underground thing has always interested me. (Fact: most underground things do. The Mines of Moria, caves, other mines, etc.) The Lady of the Green Kirtle is also very interesting, and the giants, and everything!
List the books, with the first one being your most favorite and the last being your least favorite. Silver Chair, Voyage of the Dawn Treader (a VERY close second…it was my favorite for years), The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Magician’s Nephew, Horse and His Boy (that book never seemed to fit in the series for me – great book, but not as essentially Narnia and Pevensie as some of the books), Prince Caspian (always one of the “boring” ones, I thought), and finally, Last Battle (never have liked this one much at all – it doesn’t fit as well either, I guess! But the happy ending is good.)

Have you seen the movies? If so, which is your favorite? And which do you like least? Yes, all three! I think Prince Caspian is my favorite and my least favorite, though I love them all! I really like Peter and Caspian in PC, and the battles are pretty amazing. However, the black magic scene should not have been played up so much, and I always skip it. And Caspian and Susan’s kiss shouldn’t have been added.
Tell us some general thoughts about the movies – what you liked or disliked about them. LWW has some really awesome battle scenes, and the music in the first two films especially is amazing! It gives me goose-bumps every time, with some of the camera angles in LWW. But the kids are so young! VDT is also pretty awesome – I do really like Lucy in that one. The soundtrack is great there too! I admit, these movies are some of my all-time favorites.

Did you get to see any of the movies in the theater? Which one(s)? Yes! I saw PC and VDT in the theater, VDT twice (once 3D). Incidentally – those are the only movies I’ve ever seen in the theater.
Have you gotten to read the amazing movie guides for LWW and PC? Yes, and I own them! They are amazing, and I really love them too. The LWW one is best, and I recommend it most highly. The PC one is good, but the LWW is amazing and very nicely done.
If you had to live in Narnia for one day – one day from any of the books as any of the characters – which day/character would you choose? Why? I would be Lucy in VDT. They had some really amazing adventures in that book, and I would love to have been along for almost any of them! Any of the good ones, that is.
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Liddy said...

Love this!! I am going to do it on my blog!:)


Elizabeth said...

I really enjoyed this! I love the Narnia series they are such good books. My family and I have been listening to the Focus on the family ones. We have enjoyed them very much. Except for the person who voices Aslan, we thought he sounded a bit like a serpents voice rather than a lions.

Charity U said...

Thanks, ladies! It was really fun to write, and even more fun to complete. :) That picture of the Narnia books makes me super happy...

Elizabeth, I too love the Focus on the Family dramatizations! They're amazing. I've always liked all the voices they chose, but I guess I'll have to listen again and see if I think Aslan sounds serpenty.

Pink Panther said...

Love the movies and the books! I'll probably do this tag on my blog too. ;)

Kara said...

LOVE this post, Charity U, thanks so much for tagging Narnia!!!! Edmund is my fave of the four because he has the biggest transformation; he falls from grace and betrays his family, repents and then has his faith deepened and his loyalty/love increased....I so relate to that and I praise God for characters like Edmund :) Hope you're having a fabulous summer, blessings girl!!

Miss Melody Muffin said...

What a fun tag, Charity! I did it here: