Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Miss Elizabeth Bennet: My Top Favorite Dance Numbers

One of the things I love about musicals is the dance numbers. While the songs are also great in their own way, to make a song really stand out in my mind, there has to be some sort of memorable dance number! These dance numbers also make me wish that there were more actors in Hollywood today who could dance like they used to in these old musicals. Here are my top 4 favorite dance numbers (with links to videos!). Please note I have not seen all of the musicals that are mentioned here, but I intend to one day!

 #4. Lechaim (Fiddler on the Roof)
Sure, the choreography is a little disorganized in this dance number, but I still rather like it. There are a number of complicated dances in this song that just amaze me. It's one of the happier songs that are in Fiddler on the Roof, which has a more serious storyline than other musicals.

#3. Make 'Em Laugh (Singing in the Rain)
Pure brilliance on Donald O'Connor's part! He blended comedy, stunts, and dance moves all in one number. After watching this clip, I feel a little bit happier than when I started watching!

  #2. Moses Supposes (Singing in the Rain)
I haven't seen all of Singing in the Rain, but the dance numbers are amazing! So, I'm including a second dance number from Singing in the Rain in my list. Both Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor did a fantastic job in this song and showed that they were both very talented men. And the fact that they stayed so well synchronized is a huge plus!

#1. Puttin' on the Ritz (Blue Skies)
Fred Astaire does an awesome job with this number! The way he incorporated his cane into his choreography is amazing! But my favorite part of this dance number starts at 3:19. I love the way the filmmakers used the special effects that made it look like a bunch of Fred Astaires were dancing! It was almost like a mirror, but there were two "sets" of back-up dancers. Since first watching this video on YouTube, that part has always mesmerized me.
Small note: the video is in color

So, there are my top favorite dance numbers! Which one of my favorites did you like the best? What are some of your favorite dance numbers?


Charity U said...

Thanks for posting, Miss Elizabeth! I utterly enjoyed this post. :) Delightful!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Great dances! Make 'Em Laugh is so much fun!

To of my favorite dances scenes are the Barn Raising dance from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and the Roller Skating dance scene from the Fred Astaire film Shall We Dance.

Lovely post Miss Elizabeth! :)