Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Novemberisms Day 28: Musical

Day 28: Musical
**People! We're almost done with Novemberisms! What a day to remember...**
**Do you listen to any of these CD's? If so, which ones? What are your favorite Christmas CD's? And that's Katherine Jenkins' CD with the white cover, not her newer (awesome) one, which I was so silly as to loan out to my friends. And that stack..well, it's not all my favorites. It's missing Scotty McCreery. And some others. And I'm rambling now, so I'll just stop. :)**


Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Nice photo! I've enjoyed your Novemberisms and seeing each new photo come up.
I love that Michael Buble CD and I have an Amy Grant Christmas CD (not the one you have there) that my sister and I enjoy listening to.
I've seen some of the DVD concert for that goes with that Andrea Bocelli CD and really enjoyed it.
I love Katherine Jenkins' voice too, I bet that CD is great! :)

This reminds me, I need to e-mail you soon!

Carissa said...

This is my favorite picture for the month.

Charity U said...

Thank you, Miss Laurie and Carissa!