Thursday, November 1, 2012

Novemberisms Day 1: A Good Name

Guess what, peoples? It's HERE! November is here! Which means my birthday is in 18 days. Whoops, that's a side note (but keep your eyes open for a big event the week of the 19th!). Anyway! You know what it's time for? Novemberisms! Every day, I will be taking a picture of one book -- Elizabeth and Her German Garden by Elizabeth van Armin. Note: I haven't read it yet, so it may not be a very good book...but it's awesome for taking pictures of. Anyway -- I'll be taking one picture of it each day and posting it that same day. Except on Sundays...since I'm not on the computer on Sundays, I'll post a picture that I took earlier in the week so that we keep up with one picture a day. Now that the fine print is over...

Let's go!

Day 1: A Good Name

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