Saturday, November 24, 2012

Week of Musicals Wrap-Up and Giveaway Winners

And so we come to the end of the Week of Musicals. It's flown by for me! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well! Lots of good food...and good company...and an all-around good time! Did you get all the posts? Just in case you missed's a list. Or click here to read all the ones especially related to the Week of Muscals.
Day 1, November 19:
·         Bourne and Tributary
·         My Favorite Musicals
·         The Giveaway
Day 2, November 20:
·         Judy Garland biography
·         Judy Garland spotlight
·         Starflower
Day 3, November 21:
·         Gene Kelly biography
·         Big Green Tractor
·         Great Classic Musicals
Day 4, November 22:
·         Julie Andrews biography
·         Music Tag
·         Julie Andrews Spotlight
Day 5, November 23:
·         Audrey Hepburn biography
·         Time is Love
·         Audrey Hepburn Spotlight
There! It's been a busy and fun week. Thank you SO much for my wonderful guest-posters! Readers, those are posts you do not want to miss. I enjoyed them both a lot!
Now, on to the giveaway winners! The winner of Starflower from the author is Rosie! And the winner of a book of her choice, from the giveaway specifically for this week, is Karis! Congratulation, ladies!
 Everyone who entered, thank you! Keep your eyes open for upcoming events...there's one coming (all about Christmas music) December 10-14, along with special posts on each of the first four Sundays in December. That's the great thing about Thanksgiving being Christmas is coming! Bring on that Christmas music! :)
Note: excuse the weird spacing. All this formatting stuff is frightfully confusing, and at the moment...well, between Blogger freezing every few words, having way too many internet tabs open, and copying things in from's kind of a mess. Please excuse it!

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