Tuesday, February 8, 2011

100th Post!

!!!!!! I made it! This post is officially my 100th post! :) That's pretty impressive. I have published 72 book reviews and 19 movie reviews, leaving nine other reviews/posts, counting this one. I have 10 posts in drafts right now. Coming soon! :)

Out of the books I've read and movies I've seen since I began this blog, 21 have been in the 1800's. Runner-up is the present (19), then the 1940's, with 10. {note: the present is only so big because I'm reading the Red Rock Mystery series, which are set in the present}

The most popular rating is an 8 (24 items) followed by an 8.5 with 15.

Genres I use a lot include adventure (27), fantasty (13), fiction (35), historical fiction (8), life (13), mystery (15), romance (24), and western (8). I like facts, statistics, numbers like this. :)

Remember, everyone, I'm planning a great week of giveaways for when I have 25 followers! Prizes may include (not definite yet) bookmarks, books, and potentially much more! So post about my blog, put my button on your blog, and make me famous! Of course, though, the longer I put off having the giveaway, the more prizes I collect...;) Speaking of which: if you have anything you would be willing to donate to my giveaway, let me know! I'd accept almost anything. :) You can email me: photographer4ever832[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thanks for following me! I really love my followers.

Oh, while I'm posting...note that two of the sidebar polls have closed. There were ten votes on each: on the one asking what time period is your favorite to read in, the overwhelming vote showed everyone like the 1800's best. And I mean everyone! On the other one, giving the choice of genre to read, historical fiction got 90%, mystery got 40%, and romance and adventure were tied at 30%. Good job! Don't forget to vote in the present poll, asking whether I should continue with CD and song reviews!

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Elegance of Fashion said...

Congrats on the 100th post!

In the first poll, I voted for other: I would probably buy a mixture of books and movies. I always find at Barnes and Noble that they have a great selection of BBC movies. :-)