Sunday, February 6, 2011

Banners by Elegance of Fashion

Okay, you may remember that I blogged about Elegance of Fashion's banners here and since I did, she's made more! I absolutely love her banners, and know you will too. :) They are from favorite movies of mine. Make sure you check out her blog (here) for more spectacular 1800's fashion!

Here are her newest ones:

Pride and Prejudice


I LOVE them! Make sure you check out her blog. :)


Elegance of Fashion said...

Thank you, Charity U!

Charity U said...

No problem, Elegance of Fashion. :) I had fun putting this post together and looking at your older banner posts. :) I'm kind of considering putting up a couple of seperate pages on here, one for pictures of favorite movies, one for a list of great books, and one for your banners. Do you think you'd be okay with that? If not, feel free to say so. Also, if you ever don't want me to put up a banner, say so and I won't. :)

Elegance of Fashion said...

It's fine with me, Charity U. I know sometimes the side bar can get a little full (I know mine is. lol). I'm always okay with people posting my banners if they ask and give me credit. I appreciate that you've been posting them; I'm glad that you like them. :-)