Monday, February 14, 2011

CD: Pride and Prejudice

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 10
Type of music: Soundtrack
Composer: Carl Davis
From the movie: the 1995 Pride and Prejudice
List of songs:
  • Pride and Prejudice (opening title music)
  • Dance Montage
  • Elizabeth Observed
  • Piano Summary (Episode One)
  • Canon Collins
  • Piano Summary (Episode Two)
  • The Gardiners
  • Winter Into Spring
  • Parting
  • Rosings
  • Piano Summary (Episode Three)
  • Telling the Truth
  • Farewell to the Regiment
  • Pemberley
  • Darcy Returns
  • Piano Summary (Episode Four)
  • Thinking about Lizzy
  • Lydia's Elopement
  • Piano Summary (Episode Five)
  • Lydia's Wedding
  • Return of Bingley
  • Darcy's Second Proposal
  • Double Wedding
  • Finale
My overall opinion: I love this CD. A disappointment is that it doesn't have the dance songs, other than the 48 second Dance Montage. However, the piano summaries are fun. I think that the youtube is opening music?


Elegance of Fashion said...

Great music! I wish they had the dance numbers on there, but a great CD nevertheless.

Melody said...

When I saw this post on my dashboard, I knew it would be rated '10'. ;-) I love this CD too!!! And I've noticed there are some variations on the movie that are not on the CD! (Like some of the Mr Collins song, and a sadder version of The Gardiners..when they get back from Derbyshire)

Miss Laurie said...

I have this CD too! I enjoy listening to it, especially when I'm reading. It does have most of Mr. Bevridge's Maggot the song Elizabeth and Darcy dance to. Composer Carl Davis has done some of my favorite soundtracks for period dramas! Cranford's soundtrack is so lovely as well!

Charity U said...

Elegance of Fashion: Yes, it's too bad about not having the dance songs, isn't it? They're such a great part of the movie!

Melody: I wonder how you ever guessed it would be a 10? ;) I hadn't yet noticed that there were missing songs like the ones you mentioned, but I'm trying to convince Mom that I need to see the movie again. ;)

Miss Laurie: I haven't seen Cranford yet...another one I'm working on convincing Mom that I HAVE TO watch. ;) Hopefully it'll happen soon. :) I should see if I can find some samples on Amazon.

Melody said...

Yes, of course! That movie ALWAYS needs to be seen again!! ;-)

Melody said...

One of the different versions of Mr. Collins was when he and Elizabeth and Wickham were walking at Longbourn, before Jane comes along and asks him to go to Mary. There were some other versions of one of them main songs too...I can't remember what they all are.

Melody said...

And it's probable that they didn't put the dance songs on there because they weren't composed for the movie, they are actually old dance songs. I recognize them on other movies, like Kate Beckinsale Emma and Northanger Abbey, I think. I've even danced to some of the songs myself in my English Country Dancing group! It's so fun when it's a song I've heard. =)