Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 02 – Blogging

The Story Behind My Blog Name

Actually, one of my best friends thought it up. I knew I wanted something book based, but had trouble deciding. Should it be Narnia centered? Lord of the Rings? But Austen is always a win, so I ended up going with a spin on her name: Austenitis. All in all – I’m very glad I went with this. J I love being an Austen blogger. The only problem: I would have liked to include Narnia and Lord of the Rings pictures in my blog header, but since they’re utterly unrelated and unlike Jane Austen, I wasn’t able to.


Julie said...

Seems we both had friends help us with our blog names! That was the hardest part of starting a blog...coming up with a name that someone else didn't already have. I like yours!
Julie @ My Favorite Pastime
I posted day 2 on my blog also.

Charity U said...

I know, it is hard to come up with a name! Thank goodness for friends. I haven't made it over to your blog yet, but hope to soon! :)