Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 22 – Random

Websites I Frequent

I mostly read blogs, but there are a few websites that I absolutely adore as well. Interestingly, several have to do with books!

Goodreads – I’m on here as often as possible. J It helps me keep track of everything (almost) that I read! I can see what my goodreads friends are reading, and what they rated any particular book I’m curious about. There are giveaways (though, IMHO, not usually very good ones), trivia, groups, and much more. I’m far from exhausting this wonderful place! Check it out:

Amazon – When I have a book I want to buy, this is usually the place I go. I enjoy reading the reviews, and it’s almost certain that they’ll have reviews of any book I look up. I find these especially helpful too when buying electronics. I occasionally write reviews there too. I love the wishlist function, and have several (all organized, you know!). I love Amazon. Check it out:

Google – Does Google count as a website? Seeing that I’m there almost daily, I think it should. I use it for all my searching, and it’s a huge help! I think that’s enough said, since you already all use it and know about it, I’m sure. Check it out:

IMDB – International Movie Database. You know my movie reviews? This is where I get most of the information about actors, year it came out, and sometimes length. And trivia. I have found IMDB to be a priceless help when looking up a movie to see if it has objectionable stuff in it (Netflix can help too, but this is better). Also trailers and pictures! Check it out:

Wikipedia – Now, I know that they say (and I believe) the information on Wikipedia isn’t always completely accurate. But I still use it fairly often. All the birth and death dates for the birthday posts come from here. I use it to look up (occasionally) actors, authors, movies, random information. If you want something really fun, look up “pride and prejudice”. There are pages for Elizabeth and Darcy, and also a “family tree” type of thing tying all the characters together – that’s on the P&P page. All on Wikipedia. Check it out:

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