Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 27 – Random

Why I’m Doing This 30-Day Challenge

Because I love doing tags. And this is similar in some ways to a tag, you’ve gotta admit. I’m doing it in April because that was a month with 30 days…and while I could have done it in one without 30 days, I decided not to. You may be interested to know that I wrote 93% (or so) of these posts in late January and early February! They’ve been waiting in my drafts ever since.

We’re getting off the subject… As I write this, it’s February 10. It’s snowy outside, but not windy, and quite sunny. The cat is looking in the in the window, the dog is napping in the sun, and my sister is playing piano. Warned you this was off the subject! I’m happily thinking about what I’ll be doing on April 27, as you read this…a big conference that I get to help with. J Can’t wait!

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