Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I decided to enter the contest that Miss Amy Dashwood is holding on her blog, Yet Another Period Drama Blog. It's for those Keep Calm signs that are so popular right now. Having finally become inspired (somewhat) I made several...and can't choose. So I need you to help me! Here are your choices (we have to choose two...).

Darcy 1

Darcy 2

Feelings 1

Feelings 2

Want of a Wife 1

Want of a Wife 2

Want of a Wife 3

I'm putting up a poll...the two with the most votes will be entered in Amy's contest!

Also, remember...tomorrow the Annoying Ladies Mini-Tournament begins!


Jemimah C. said...

Oh, what fun! Those Keep Calm posters you made are fantastic! My two favorites are Darcy 2 and Want of a Wife 2. And I eagerly anticipating for the Annoying Ladies Mini-Tournament!

The Birzer Family said...

How creative! Without a doubt, my favorites are "Darcy 1" and "Want of a Wife 2."

Somersaulting Through Life said...

"Darcy 2" and "Want of a Wife 2" Lovely!

Marissa said...

..... OH...... These are so lovely I mostly like (Darcy 2) and (want a wife 2)

have a blessed day

Marissa Kathryn

The Mad Elvish Poet said...

I like Darcy 1 and Want a Wife 2! Very clever! *amazingness*