Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Entries in the Keep Calm Contest

Though the polls aren't closed yet (feel free to keep voting!) I think I've decided (with your help) which two to enter. They are the rather popular Darcy 2 and Feelings 2, both inspired by Pride and Prejudice. Thank you to all who voted! And to Miss Amy Dashwood for hosting this awesome giveaway on "Yet Another Period Drama Blog."

P.S. The post with the first round of the ALMT was also my 800th post! Yes, really! Very exciting. :)


Somersaulting Through Life said...

Lovely, I really like them!
Wow, 800!! :O Well done you! :)

Elizabeth said...

Haha! I love them! :)

Abilaine said...

Good! REALLY good! Like the Darcy one... :P