Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 26 – Random

What I Think About My Friends

What an excellent idea. Or something. Quite honestly, it’s a bit silly, I think…I mean, they’re my friends. What am I supposed to think of them?!? But yes, I love my friends. As previously stated, I am so lucky as to have four best friends, and they’re all different. However, they all know (and like) each other, so we get on pretty well. I think my friends are great for taking pictures of/having photoshoots with…one of my favorite things. I think my friends are wonderful Christians, all good role-models for me. I think my friends are girls who will support me when I need supporting, and they’re girls that I will do my best to help when they need it. I think my friends are perfect for me. I’m very glad that they’re my friends. Love you gals! You ought to know who you are… J

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Julie said...

Haha, I thought this one was a bit silly. I think I changed it up on my blog. Check out my 30 Day Challenges here: