Monday, April 9, 2012

Guest Post by Miss Elizabeth: Period Drama Cast Connections: Part 1

Readers: This is the first guest post by Miss Elizabeth from Elegance of Fashion! I introduced her yesterday, along with a short interview...make sure you check it out! :)

You may have noticed in period dramas that there are a lot of actors or actresses that are in a lot of period dramas. But have you ever thought about how two seemingly different actors or actresses are connected to each other through a series of other actors and actresses? These are short connections kept under five degrees.

Connection 1
Claire Foy, Hugh Bonneville

Claire Foy was in Little Dorrit as Amy Dorrit with Matthew Macfadyen who was Arthur Clennam.

Matthew Macfadyen was also in Pride and Prejudice (2005) as Mr. Darcy with Penelope Wilton who was Mrs. Gardiner.

Penelope Wilton was in Downton Abbey as Isobel Crawley with Hugh Bonneville who was Robert Crawley.

Degrees of Separation: 3

Connection 2
Emma Thompson, Ioan Gruffudd

Emma Thompson was in Sense and Sensibility as Elinor Dashwood with Robert Hardy who was Sir John Middleton.

Robert Hardy was in Little Dorrit as Tite Barnacle with Bill Patterson who was Mr. Meagles.

Bill Patterson was in Amazing Grace as Lord Dundas with Ioan Gruffudd who was William Wilberforce.

Degrees of Separation: 3

Connection 3
Colin Firth, James Fleet

Colin Firth was in Pride and Prejudice as Mr. Darcy with Lucy Robinson who was Mrs. Hurst.

Lucy Robinson was in Emma as Mrs. Elton with Mark Strong who was Mr. Knightley.

Mark Strong was in The Young Victoria as Sir John Conroy with Harriet Walter who was Queen Adelaide.

Harriet Walter was in Sense and Sensibility as Fanny Dashwood with James Fleet who was John Dashwood.

Degrees of Separation: 3

Connection 4
Jennifer Ehle, Justine Waddell

Jennifer Ehle was in Pride and Prejudice as Elizabeth Bennet with Anthony Calf who was Colonel Fitzwilliam.

Anthony Calf was in Upstairs, Downstairs (2010) as Anthony Eden with Keeley Hawes who was Lady Agnes Holland.

Keeley Hawes was in Wives and Daughters as Cynthia Kirkpatrick with Justine Waddell who was Molly Gibson.

Degrees of Separation: 3

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of Period Drama Cast Connections!

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Analiese said...

Miss Elizabeth Bennet - I enjoyed this post a lot and look forward to the other one. :)

somersaultingthroughlife said...

Very clever! I didn't spot the links with Anthony Calf, Robert Hardy, Harriet Walter or Lucy Robinson, but I knew of all the others! I love how the actors are 'recycled' and you can spot your favourites reappearing over the years. The most shocking contrast in roles I've seen is with Claire Foy! I couldn't see her as the rebellious sister in Upstairs, Downstairs, but only as the angelic Amy Dorrit!!

somersaultingthroughlife said...

You could also link up connection 2 with connection 4 because Justine Waddell starred with Ioan Gruffudd in Great Expectations!

Charity U said...

Delightful! Thanks so much for this first post, Miss Elizabeth!

Julie said...

Love it! Very interesting to see all of the connections.

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Thanks everyone! I enjoyed writing this post!