Thursday, April 21, 2011


Nope, this isn't another giveaway here. :)

This first one is at another of my favorite blogs, Legacy of a Writer. It's for the book Bound by Guilt by CJ Darlington. I read the first book (Thicker Than Blood) and it was very good. So I recommend this one even without reading it! :)

Yes, that's the cover! Isn't it delightful? <3 I love it.

So, want to win? Click here by April 29 to enter!

Oh, while you're over there? Note my blog button on her sidebar. :) I love finding my blog button on other blogs. Thanks, Katy! You made my day.

And another good book giveaway! This one is for The Mountains Bow Down by Sibella Giorello. I have not read any book by her, but have seen this one reviewed several times positively! This giveaway is on another favorite blog, Reviews by Jane. :)

It's definitely on my to-read list. :) Click here by April 29 to enter!


Katy said...

Ohh, you are very welcome! :-) I've been meaning to stick your button on there for some time--sorry it took me so long! :-)

btw, I LOVE that picture of Lizzy!!!

~ Katy

Charity U said...

Katy, I know how it is about putting up buttons. :P It's hard to remember! Or I'll think I already did. So I totally understand. :) Thank you again!

A friend of mine found that picture, and also made the button for me. It's so delightfully bookish! :)