Monday, April 25, 2011

Informative Post

This post has nothing to do with anything in particular. It's just a few things I wanted to say and had no better place to. :)

1. If you are a follower of Photographer at Heart, my blog for blogging about me, what I'm doing, and my photography in particular, I apologize for all the problems lately. I sent an email out to y'all asking you to re-follow, but the people who have done it (including myself) have not found that it has helped. My posts are still not showing up on the dashboard. This is most annoying. :P So I suggest that you just check it once a week. Monday might be best, I usually have my post published by then. I still usually do one weekly post. However, always check the archives in case I am allowed to do differently!

2. What to call me. I've noticed that many of you reply to me in comments or whatever as "Charity U." I don't mind that. But U is just the first inital of my last name, so if you just call me Charity, I'll know you're talking to me. Now if you have several Charity's commenting on your blog and want to make sure I understand it's me you're replying to, I understand. But if not, feel free to just address me as Charity.

3. I am coming up to 300 posts! I think this is my 230th and you know how avidly I post on here. :) What can I say, I read a lot. :) My question. If I have a giveaway that is technically celebrating 300th post, but is almost a giveaway for May, would you enter? I'll tell you what it's for. Red Ink by Kathi Macias. I reviewed it, look up Kathi Macias in the tags to your left. So would you enter to win that? Because I would prefer to have more than nine entries this time. :)

4. Comment. I love faithful commenters. And I do my best on your blogs. :)

5. That's all. My next book review should be published in just a few moments!

PS: Want to read Photographer at Heart but you aren't yet permitted? Leave a comment with your email and I'll let you in. :) I'll warn's fun!

PSS: Would you like my posts on Photographer at Heart to be emailed straight to you? I have room for 5 more people to sign up to have them emailed! If you want that, leave a comment saying so. If there's a lot, first come first serve. :) Or if you want Austenitis posts emailed to you, I have 10 spots left there, so let me know! Though I think there's also a thing on my sidebar now, where you can enter your email address to have them sent. Whatever works for you. :)


OldFashionedCharm said...

What a lovely informative post!
1. Yay! I just checked and I'm able to see Photographer At Heart now! It doesn't come up in my dashboard feed but I'll be able to bookmark it and check it a few times a week.

2. I usually just want to call you Charity but on my blog I'm never sure who or how many people with the same name might comment so I just tend to use people's full usernames there. I'll try to just refer to you as Charity on here. It's a beautiful name by the way!

3. Congratulations on come up on 300 posts! You post so many interesting reviews here, it's sometimes tricky to keep up with you! Honestly, I probably wouldn't enter a giveaway for the book you mentioned only because I don't think I'd actually read it. I try not to enter giveaways if I don't think I'd actually use the item if I won it. It's so delightful of you to host a giveaway like this and share books that you have enjoyed!

4. Thank you for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog, they really brighten my day! I really enjoy visiting your blog and commenting as often as I can! Thank you for creating such a peaceful, thought provoking, fun and faith inspired blog to come to! By the way I really like the new color scheme/design it's lovely!

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Charity U said...

Miss Laurie,

Yes, I'm afraid bookmarking it is the best thing to do. :P I am at my wits' end as to how to get to show up on the dashboard, so.

Don't worry about it if you call me Charity U sometimes. I just meant that you don't have to. :)

It's wise not to enter giveaways for things you wouldn't read. :) And I am behind on always. ;) It's probably lucky for my readers that I can't keep up with my own reading, because I would really overpower them if I did! I'm glad to hear you enjoy the, though.

Comments...that's one thing I'm becoming a pro at. :) I actually haven't been doing as well lately because of some computer problems, but. I'm glad you like the new colors! I decided something new was in order. It makes me think of coffee and I love coffee. ;)

Thanks for this long comment! I <3 long comments. :) And thank you for reading my blogs! :) :) :)