Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jane Austen Day: The Movies

I know that most of my readers are as passionate about  Jane Austen, her books, and her movies, as I am. :) So therefore, I hope you enjoy this post as much as I intend to enjoy writing it!

Sense and Sensibility

Apparently a TV series. I haven't seen it. It came out in 1971.

A 1981 BBC version. I believe I have seen this version. It was awful. Lighting, costumes, sound, all terrible. Not worth watching. Choose one of the newer ones!

This is the only other version of Sense and Sensibility that I have seen. The actors for Elinor and Marianne are perfect...unfortunately, all the males (IMHO, and some other people agree) are pretty ugly. Overall, it follows the book and I like it. It's commonly known as the 1995 version.

This is the newest version, which came out in 2008. I've heard that it's very good (and the men are handsomer!), but that at the beginning, there's a highly objectionable scene.

Pride and Prejudice

This is the oldest version of Pride and Prejudice that I am aware of. It came out in 1940.

Next out was the 1980 TV mini series. I have seen the fifth episode, and it was almost laughable. Really. Only watch if you're a highly devoted Jane Austen fan.

My favorite version. It's generally known as the long P&P, on account of being a little over five hours (not six!) long. It's the most accurate to the book and totally my favorite. :)

And the newest version, which came out in 2005. I don't like it because I feel that it's not accuarte to the time-period. I also have a strong dislike of people proposing in an undressed manner. Oh, and I abhor the Mr. Darcy. I did enjoy it more than I thought I would, and I'll probably watch it again someday. The music is awesome. It would be okay if it was the only version on P&P that was out there, but compared to the 1995 version...yeah.

Mansfield Park

I believe that's the cover. This is the 1983 version.

*back-pedals* Okay, I'm confused. I'm coming up with a 1983 and a 1986 version...a bit weird, yes. This is the only cover I can find (other than a black one with the same characters, I think). So I don't know what's up. Let's move on. :)

Here we have the 1999 version of Mansfield Park. I have heard that there are quite a few objectionable things in it, so I don't recommend it. I haven't seen least,  not to remember.

The 2007 version. I have yet to find a version I really like. :P This one had the misfortune to use Mr. Elton from Emma (2009) as the main guy. I thought he was awful even before seeing Emma.


Apparently there was a 1948 TV version, but I'm having no luck with finding ANY pictures from it.

This is the 1972 version. I haven't seen it, but hey, it's out there.

This is the 1996 version. It's rather well known in general. I have seen either this or the 1997 version, but I'm not sure which, and it's been a loooong time.

And the 1997 version. Again, I don't know much about it.

The most recent, and my favorite version of Emma. It came out in 2009, is about four hours long, and has the perfect actors. Watch it, please, if you haven't! It's most delightful.


Apparently there was a version of Persuasion that came out in 1960 as a TV mini-series, but I can't find a picture.

Ah, yes. Are you starting to recognize the pink covers with awful pictures? ;) This is the 1971 version.

This is, I believe, no, I'm quite sure, the only version of Persuasion that I've had the pleasure of seeing. I like it quite well, and recommend it whole-heartedly. :) It's the one that came out in 1995.

And this is the newest version, the 2007 one. I have not yet seen it, but someday! :)

Those of you who adore Northanger Abbey have probably noticed that it was skipped. I'm sorry. But I am out of time, and also, I've never seen any movie version, and I've only read the book once. So therefore, it would be hard for me to actually find out which versions were when. Other than that, I hope you learned something in this post!


Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

I started to watch the 1981 version of P&P. I found it funny when Mary started to sing a song that Adam Cartwright sings in Bonanza. (Adam, of course, sung it better). But that version is nothing to the 1995 version.

Melody said...

Haha...I'm an addict of this sort of thing, as you know from my posts. :)

You should watch the "1997" version of Emma. (Everbody says that, but I think it's technically from just aired in 1997.)

I think P&P is EXACTLY 5 hours long, at least if it's really 300 minutes like the cover says. :) Isn't it irritating how everyone (even 'professional people') call it 'six hours'? Grr!
It's fun to vent about that sort of thing in the book I'm writing. ;-)

Melody said...

About the 2005 P&P...even if it was the only one out there, I still wouldn't watch it. :P Not only is in unauthentic and not close to the book, it seems to have a mondern, non-innocent feeling. Yuck.

You should watch the 2007 Persuasion too. :)

Oh, and there's actually 2 versions of Northanger Abbey. The first one is...really weird, and very badly made. haha The hair and costumes are positively ridiculous! And then it had weird imaginings, but different kinds than the new one. They were really weird though. I didn't watch the whole thing. :P I didn't like anything about it.

Miss Laurie said...

S&S 1971 is rather interesting. It was a TV series that aired in the UK in 1971 but it didn't come out on DVD in the USA until just a couple years ago. Sorry you didn't like S&S 1981 I rather liked it. The first scene of S&S 2008 is a tad objectionable but can be easily fast forwarded through and the rest of the series is very enjoyable.

I guess I am a devoted Jane Austen fan because I've seen all of the older adaptations and quite enjoyed them (perhaps not as much as the newer ones).

Yes, Mansfield Park 1983 is the oldest one (perhaps 1986 is another date that it aired on BBC or PBS) and it's the closest to the book.
MP 1999 does have quite objectionable themes which is horrid because many of the actors were well cast in the roles. The worst thing is how they ruin the character Fanny Price.

You won't find anything about Emma 1948 because it only aired on TV, the same with Persuasion 1960.
The pink covers of the older adaptations are because they are sold in a DVD set together.

There's Northanger Abbey 1987 and Northanger Abbey 2007. The newer version is probably the closest because of it's youthfulness and cast but nothing is quite as good as the book!

Jemimah C. said...

I never realized that there are so many Austen movies! I like the 1995 S&S. The girls were perfect, but the men were not...I'm with you there.

I love both P&P 1995 and 2005. But the 1995 version was more accurate to the book. And Colin Firth is Mr. Darcy! The 2005 Mr. Darcy was so NOT Mr. Darcy. But I really liked the music from the 2005 version.

I watched the 1999 Mansfield Park, but I didn't really like the it. I remember one objectionable, bad scene. They still need to make an even better MP. Even the 2007 one doesn't seem great. It has Mr. Elton from Emma 2009. How unfortunate!

I love, love, love Emma 2009. I don't need to see the rest of the versions.

I still have to see both Persuasion 2007 and the latest Northanger Abbey (the one with Felicity Jones). Maybe I might get to watch NA within this week or next week. I hope so!

Jessie said...

Wow, there really are alot of Jane Austen movies! The only one I've seen is the 2005 Pride & Prejudice. I'm not exactly a Jane Austen fan (sorry), but I thought the movie was pretty good (for a romance).

Kira said...

Ohh, so sad. xD The 2005 P+P was my introduction to Jane Austen and P+P. I was then inspired to read the book and watch the 1995 version, which I very much enjoyed the accuracy of.
I love them both very much in their own way, but I find 2005 Darcy much more attractive than Colin. (As everyone gasps in horror, haha) Maybe because he looks younger and I'm only 18, or perhaps because he was the first one I saw. Anyway, I do love Colin, I just don't find him personally attractive in a romantic way as most seem to. :)

Lovely blog by the way! I'm favoriting it. :)

Charity U said...

Whoa, I never replied to these!

MISS ELIZABETH: How funny! Yes, I should imagine he did. :) Love the 95 version!

MELODY: Yup, I know. I'm working to convince Mom I need to see some of the older Emma versions...I've seen one or two, but it was several years ago, and I have no memories. It'd take a lot (okay, a TON) to beat the 09 version, but I'd still like to see them! 07 Persuasion is another I'm hoping to see soon! Yeah, Mom saw a version of NA and didn't like the imagining stuff. I need to read the book again, though, it's been a little while. Over a year, maybe two. But it wasn't a favorite, so.

MISS LAURIE: I agree about the 08 S&S. :) Oh, that's sad about the 99 MP. :( Always sad when they ruin the movie with stuff like that. So Emma 48 and Persuasion 60 aren't on DVD? Or VHS I take it. Though we don't have a VHS player, so even if they were. :P

JEMIMAH: There are dozens of Austen movies, or so it sometimes feels. :) Agree about Colin Firth! I don't love the 05 version at all. But it's true, the music was nice. Yes, Miss Laurie also mentioned objectionable stuff in the 99 MP. That's sad. There's not a very good version out there, as far as I can tell! Agree about Emma 09, but I still want to see the other versions. Did you ever get to watch NA? I haven't seen any version. Or the 07 Persuasion. Yet.

JESSIE: Oh, you need to see more. Do the 95 P&P, it's my favorite! Long, though. :)

KIRA: See, the 95 P&P was my intro to the story, and to JAusten. I can't stand MacFadyen as Darcy... *groan* Firth is way better. And MacFadyen was good, I admit, in Little Dorrit. Have you seen that? Hope to keep seeing you here!

Melody said...

Haha, they will never be able to beat 2009...but they're still fun to watch. I just watched the 1996 one again. Not as faithful to the book and more modernly represented, but it still has lots of good points and is very fun to watch. =)

I didn't gasp, I just snickered. ;-)

The first P&P I ever saw was the 1940 version and...uh....