Thursday, August 25, 2011

L. M. Montgomery Day: Her Books

L. M. Montgomery is one of my favorite authors. :) Her books are always clean. Occasionally, her characters will imagine ghosts etc, but nothing that's ever really spooky. Her books are about kids, and many of them are for kids too. So, now that I've told you that, let's go on. Oh, first, you can find a pretty complete list here. But right here, I'm going to be telling you about the ones I've read.

The Anne of Green Gables series. Eight books. They're amazing. I have the exact set shown below...I love boxed sets. :)

Many people like the first one (Anne of Green Gables) best, and maybe it is the best, but I tend to prefer some of the others. Anne of Avonlea, the second is fun, and so is Anne of the Island. In each of them, Anne gets into adventures that are laughable to us, if not to her. ;) By the 6th book, they start focusing  more on Anne's children and family. The 8th book, Rilla of Ingleside has a sweet romance of her daughter, and some sad parts too, but it's worth the read. Something that I just discovered is that she didn't publish them in order. Rilla came out before Windy Poplars or Ingleside. I am sorry for the people who didn't read them in chronological order like I did! Technically, there's a sequel even to Rilla, which it appears Maud intended to be the ninth book in the series. It's called The Blythes are Quoted and it was only published recently. I haven't read it yet.

Maud Montgomery wrote a lot more books than those eight, though! In 1910, she came out with Kilmeny of the Orchard. Incidentally, I just finished reading this one on Kindle, and adored it. :) You can get a free Kindle copy from ! :) There should be a review of it coming soon. It was a really sweet romance.

Her next two books were The Story Girl and The Golden Road. The latter is a sequel to the former. Again, reviews of these are coming, hopefully later today, since I read them on the Kindle as well. Check out my reviews for more info.

In 1923, Emily of New Moon came out, soon followed by its sequels, Emily Climbs and Emily's Quest. I own this short series. The second is my favorite, and the third I really didn't like very much.

Montgomery wrote a variety of short story collections, including Chronicles of Avonlea and Further Chronicles of Avonlea, both of which I recently enjoyed.

I still have not listed nearly all of her works. She came out with many other short story collections herself, and there were some that were assembled and published after her death.

She also had some other chapter books, such as the Pat series (Pat of Silver Bush, Mistress Pat), The Blue Castle, and Magic for Marigold, along with others. Those are all ones I hope to read soon. :)

Before you go...which of these books that I've mentioned here are you familiar with? Have you read some I haven't? Do you want to?


Elizabeth Charles said...

I. LOVED. the Story Girl. That is SUCH a good one of Montgomery's...

AuntLou said...

I agree with you about adaptations of Montgomery's work. They mostly disappoint. I love the Emily series, but K of the O was just too melodramatic for me, though I have read it at least twice. :)

Alyianna said...

I read all the Anne books, but I read the one before Rilla last because I got it last. :( There's a ninth book? Something else to look out for!

I've also read the Golden Road and the three Emily books...and I have some other Montgomery books on my shelf I haven't read yet because I don't feel like reading them yet. My interests have changed. :P

Charity U said...

Elizabeth Charles, my review of "Story Girl" is coming later today. :) I enjoyed it too.

AuntLou, you're right, it's a little melodramatic. But it was fun. :)If only someone would make some great adaptions!

Alyianna, I've never read the ninth either. I think I've heard of it before (to be exact, last night when I was researching Montgomery), but. I know how it is...I've got some books on my shelves too that I haven't read yet, because I'm not in the mood! But you might want to try them...sometimes that starts me on it. :)

Jemimah C. said...

I love Anne of Green Gables! I've read Emily of New Moon (along with its sequels), but I still prefer Anne. I've read a few of her other stories, but not all. But I'm interested in reading them!