Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Song: Someone Like You

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9
Singer: Andrea Bocelli
Type of music: Awesome. {{you know, I should really just take this point off, since I'm always awful at answering it}}
Length: 5:08
Lyrics: The chorus, as nearly as I can tell. All I really know, // Is that I love you so // And if it's the only thing I ever do, // Then I know it's true, // That I should love someone like you, // Someone who believes in me, // Makes my voice to sing, // With a heart so free // As sure as I can be, // For me, if one dream can come true, // Then I will love someone like you!
My overall opinion: I love this song, especially the above words. :) The reason I didn't give it a 9.5 is because it's so long. Other than that, I love it. :)


Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

I love Andrea Bocelli's voice! His style is mostly Opera but when he sings songs in English then it's more of a Classical Crossover song (like this). This is a very sweet song, I've never heard it before!

~Miss Laurie :)

Cathy said...

Hi Charity U, I just awarded you and your blog the Liebster Blog Award! Check out my blog for the details...

Charity U said...

Miss Laurie, that's true that he's often opera. :) And I knew this song wasn't...there are very few songs where I actually know the genre. :P I'm so glad you listened because of my review! I think this song is my favorite of his. :) It's been running through my head in bits and pieces all day.

Cathy, thanks so much! Like I said on your blog, I'm honored. :)