Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Jane Austen Handbook

Author: Margaret C. Sullivan
Genre: Oh dear. Ummm...maybe we'll say it's a how-to book. :)
My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9
Type: Non-fiction
Number of pages: 224
Time period: 1800's advice. Make any sense?
My overall opinion: It was very sweet and super fun! You learn how to: elope to Scotland, avoid dancing with an undesirable partner, write a letter, keep house, pay a morning call, dress, play at cards, and much more! The end of the book also includes a short biography of Jane Austen, a list of her books with a segment about each, a list of films (somewhat out of date, since the book came out in '07), and a short list of sequels and spin-offs, especially in films. A must-read for any Austenite!


Melody said...

I'm glad you liked it! :) I knew you would.

Miss Laurie said...

I haven't read this yet and I'm feeling like I'm completely missing out! I've enjoyed other writings by this author and really enjoy her Janeite humor! Thanks for the recommendation!

Melody said...

You certainly are missing out, Miss Laurie! The book is marvelous! So much fun to read and at the same time so informative! And great for referencing. :)

Melody said...

You sure are missing out, Miss Laurie! It's a great book! So fun to read, and at the same time so informative! And great for referencing, with all it's info in the back and the glossary & index. :)