Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jane Austen Week Questions! Post 2!

In the end, I couldn't get them all in one post without it being really long. So here's another one!

Jane Austen Week by Elegance of Fashion

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7. Top three Jane Austen characters that "take delight in vexing" you? Oh my. There's more than three. To be exact, I thought of five off the top of my head. I think I'll do three, plus two honorable mentions. Now mind you, these are the ones who bug me, not necessarily who are the worst. First off:

Caroline Bingley from Pride and Prejudice. Her snide comments...wow. Remember the part where she's tearing Elizabeth down to Mr. Darcy after Elizabeth's walk to Netherfield to see Jane? How could even she think that THAT would make Mr. Darcy like Caroline herself? She's unkind to Jane too. I can't stand her.

Evil sisters annoy me. Obviously. The above is Fanny Dashwood, from Sense and Sensibility. She is excessively unkind to Mrs. Dashwood, but more so to her sisters in law: Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret. In the 1995 movie version, she even carries around an awful dog! I'm not saying all her sisters in law (especially Marianne) were very nice to her, but she was simply terrible.

Finally, a man! Frank Churchill, from Emma, is simply awful. If I were Jane Fairfax, I would not have married him, especially after the way he behaved with Emma. I understand that he was trying to keep their engagement quiet, but he overdid it. Can you imagine how hurt she must have been? Ugh.

Honorable mentions:

Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility. He cared too much about money and really quite used Marianne.

And Edward Ferrars, also from Sense and Sensibility. He needed a bit more backbone. Though it was good he didn't back out on his promise to Lucy Steel!

8. Jane Austen sequels...do you like them or not? There are very few I like. I really haven't actually read many. But the ones I've enjoyed were not actually sequels! Let's say the only Jane Austen companions I've liked were the diaries by Amanda Grange. You can find reviews by clicking her name under "Authors" on my sidebar.

9. Do you have a favorite spot to keep all your Jane Austen "stuff?" Not really. I keep all my books by Jane Austen together, except Emma, which is in my bed since I'm reading it out loud.

10. Which Jane Austen character do you think you're most like? Elinor Dashwood Ferrars.

She's an oldest child, and a leader. She's strong for her family. I'm not like in her every way, but Elinor is said to have a strength of understanding and a coolness of judgement. Whether I have that...don't know. She's level-headed. She keeps her deepest feelings hidden (as do I), but she definitely has deep feelings. And besides, I turn out to be Elinor on most quizzes. :)

11. What was your introduction to Jane Austen? Well, a few years back my mom watched the 1995 Pride and Prejudice and loved it. She started by showing us the dance scenes

...and just kept going. We had finally seen almost all of it, except a few scenes here and there. In the end, we watched the entire movie on a trip. Shortly thereafter, I read Pride and Prejudice aloud to myself. After that, we watched various other adaptions of Jane Austen's stories. Now, I've read all the full-length books, plus one of the un-finished stories, and seen film adaptions of all except Northanger Abbey. I love Jane Austen.

Thank so much, Miss Elizabeth, for hosting this awesome week of Jane Austen!


Charity U said...

P.S. Lucy Steele is also annoying. :P And a bunch more...maybe I'll do a post on them sometime. :)

Jemimah C. said...

I have no idea why this post didn't appear on my dashboard, but I'm glad I happened to pass by your blog again and saw it.

Melody said...

Poor Edward! how sad that you mentioned him as a character that vexes you! I sometimes think that Edward is a lot misunderstood, and mainly because of Hugh Grant's performance. But I'm very glad you mentioned Frank Churchill. He vexes me too! I had like 11 I wanted to mention! haha

'Twas fun reading your answers. :)

Charity U said...

Melody, which other characters did you find annoying? I considering putting together a post of annoying Jane Austen characters...so any you mention may go in. :) Except probably Northanger Abbey ones, since I'm not real familiar with that book.

Melody said...

Okay, here's my list:

Lucy Steele, Fanny Dashwood

Mr Collins, Wickham, Caroline Bingley

Mansfield P:
Mrs Norris, Henry Crawford, Mary Crawford

Mr and Mrs Elton, Frank Churchill

Mary Musgrove, Elizabeth Elliot, Sir Walter Elliot,

Northanger A:
Isabella Thorpe and her brother John.
Trust me, they are annoying. Excessively.

And a few extras that weren't on my lists:
Lydia Bennet, Mr Elliot

And I know there are others.

Hey, maybe you and I could do a post together on this. Just an idea, but it might be fun. :)

Melody said...

Oh! And of course Willoughby, but you already mentioned him anyways. ;-)

And MRS Bennet vexes me too!

Charity U said...

Thanks so much, Melody! That looks awesome. :) Doing it together is a good idea...I'll email you.